Planes are for the birds.

It’s an equally comforting and disconcerting feeling knowing that the Mayor of Chicago is on your flight. Comforting because surely the plane won’t crash with such an important person on board. Disconcerting because… well it’s Richard Daley.

I put off boarding the plane as long as possible and was rewarded with a brief conversation with Mr. Mayor himself. I almost didn’t recognize him. Wearing a beige trench coat with brown fedora, he looked like any other windy citizen. Truth is, the entire thing was rather unremarkable. He was just standing around discussing the weather in Washington with a friend and a flight attendant.

He seemed to think it was always humid and damp here because of the Potomac RiverClearly he’s never spent July in Chicago.

The flight attendant brought up the recent plane crash into the Hudson River and how amazing the whole ordeal was. We all commented on the bravery of the pilot and that it’s a miracle no one was seriously injured.

The cause of the crash? Birds being sucked into the engine. I asked if they put anything on the fields to deter birds from being there and he said they couldn’t by law.  The flight attendant and friend suggested putting a grate over the engine, stopping the birds from getting in. Daley’s answer was much more simple and much more Daley.
“Ah, just kill ‘em all.”


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