In defense of my vice: Sarcasm

Because it's like, sooooo bad for me.



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3 responses to “In defense of my vice: Sarcasm

  1. Justin Kozak

    So…nothing notable happened after Colin Powell?

  2. Yes. It’s coming, I swear. I’m just finding it difficult to put into words everything that I want to say.

  3. Lori Reed

    Hey Girl! Bravo! …on your views of the Inuaguration… I am keeping up with you whenever I get a free – reading/responding moment! I had a different view on the inauguration… I was in a bed, in Paris (that would be a hotel in Las Vegas- not the real deal!) sicker than a dog… I had a flu-type illness. Watched the whole thing… it amazed me though, looking out the window it appeared to be a regular, normal day – in Vegas!

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