About Laura

I have an insatiable desire to travel.

I’m a Journalism student at Columbia College Chicago.

I’m a vegetarian.

If I could live as a volunteer I would.

I like nothing more than sitting around a party playing Loaded Questions. Hilarity always ensues.

I love a good debate.

I dabble in photography, with a concentration in photojournalism.

For a short time I entertained the idea of working on developing and testing new apple species. Then I realized it involved science/math and that dream died.


3 responses to “About Laura

  1. Carrie Hester Kaufmann

    Laura, you sure are just as awesome as you were in high school! Please contact me – I am sure to have some advice for your europe travels! I did that, too . . . and there is nothing better!!!!
    Ciao, Carrie (your old photo teacher)

  2. Matthew Scarlata

    Laura, I am in love with the website.

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