Two Reasons to Read

Reason 1

This January, I will be attending the Presidential Inauguration. I’ll have an opportunity to speak with Colin Powell, Eric Weihenmayer, Paul Begala, Tucker Carlson, , Al Gore, Mary Matlin, and the Ragin’ Cajun himself James Carville. 

I will update this blog about all things Inauguration before during and after Baracks’ big day. Please feel free to email me any questions you’d liked asked to the above mentioned people or any suggestions about my time there. 

Reason 2

This summer my brother and I will be embarking on a trip around the world. Our itinerary is completely open (at the moment) and we are up for anything, anywhere. I will be blogging about the entire experience. From the logistics to the actual trip and beyond.

I’ll be asking for suggestions from other travelers and bloggers about the places to go and people to see. I’d like to make the trip as interactive as possible.


3 responses to “Two Reasons to Read

  1. Stephen M. Michnowski

    This is cool, never been on a blog. I like the pictures, didn’t really enjoy the about Laura page. It could had a little more detail, you do go to college.But it is pretty cool and I would want to talk to Colin Powell, My trip would end in Indiana with my family,so you can tell us all about in person.

  2. Justin Kozak

    I agree with Steve. We should definitely end our trip in Indiana, if even for just a day. Then you can go back to school and I will become Benjamin Braddock

  3. Good for you! Check out (as i see you have been) for any tips or ask me anything!
    LL (former Columbia College TV teacher!)

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